Become confident for your birth, reduce fear, and learn how to have a more positive experience.  Learn how to become an active participant in your birth, and how to include your support person in your birth experience. 

Childbirth classes are good opportunities to learn about what to expect during pregnancy, in childbirth and the early postpartum. These classes are geared towards expectant parents in the second and third trimester of pregnancy who would like to learn more about how to prepare for the most positive birth possible, breastfeeding and how to prepare for the postpartum period. 

In person or virtual 6-hour class from the comfort of your home. 

Investment: $290



Preparing for a positive birth
- what to expect in childbirth

- how to prepare for labour and delivery

- how your birth partner can help

- coping with labor, comfort measures

- medical interventions.

- Do I need a doula?

Baby’s first hours, bringing baby home & the postpartum
- what to expect when baby is first born

- hospital procedures
- Bringing baby home

- caring for baby (baby grooming)

- what to expect in the first few days and weeks)
- what to expect in the postpartum period,

- healing from birth

- common emotions

- self care

Breastfeeding classes coming soon!